Finding Stones During Nature Walks

David and I live in a house down in a wooded canyon, and our art studio is 150 feet up the hill.  I often take walks down a steep and winding trail on our property to get to the creek below, where I find many of the stones that I use in my artwork. Our cat, Osmer, always walks with me, following me every step of the way, and then sitting in the dry areas of the creek bed for hours as I look for stones. 

Osmer was a stray cat who found us. Even as a stray, he had his hefty physic (he weighs about 15 pounds), and he is the most loyal cat I have ever known, often acting much more like a dog than a cat. While exploring in the woods, Osmer found a tree with a hole that he simply could not resist, and he disappeared for a few minutes. 

There is so much beauty and inspiration in nature, and I love our walks together — hauling up the heavy bags of found treasures is worth it, once you make it back up the canyon! 

Dena Hawes

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