Welcome to Black Oak Studio, Bloomington, IN

We welcome you to our art studio, a construction that was underway for many months and completed in late April, 2020. This is the place where we gratefully create our artwork with the high ceilings, space, lighting, and ventilation we need to be healthy and happy. In the future we will welcome our friends and art lovers to visit us (by appointment only), but during the COVID 19 pandemic, we want everyone to be safe.

This is our guard cat, Osmer, a stray who found us, and who maintains his stout stature, even when dieting. As you can see he is vigilant and fearless, and uses the lobster phone emergency line whenever needed.

David and Dena sometimes assist Osmer with emergency calls on the lobster phone, but overall feel secure under his expert cat watch.

We hope to welcome our friends soon, and wish everyone good health and spirits.

Dena Hawes

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