Dena Hawes

Artist Statement

My artwork falls in between jewelry and sculpture – three dimensional objects that could be worn as “body art”, hung on a wall, or draped over a table or another object. I think of my artwork as an “intimate immensity” – small scale, evocative, and emotionally powerful.

My point of departure is a kind of psycho-geographic mapping experience – I create objects that are based on psychological issues such as perception, memory, and judgment, while also considering site-specificity, inside/outside space, intimate/exposed space, private/public space. I often combine objects found in nature (mostly stones, wood and feathers) with fabric and metal. The sterling silver, brass, and copper shapes such as rings and wraps are like adornment.

I am fascinated by the intersection of architectural forms and natural objects. Scale is determined by the relationship of the object to the human body or a specific interior space, influencing size, proportion, verticality, horizontality, mass, volume and light.