Artist Statement – Dena Hawes

My current work combines elements from nature, such as driftwood and creek stones, with metal work. Bound in juxtaposition, the collision of man and nature draw attention to and appreciation of both—as if seeking a peaceful union of materials.

I argue that natural objects found in nature inherently contain different kinds of meaning that are more complex than that of traditional artmaking materials, such as metal and pigment. I find that certain pieces of driftwood and certain found creek stones can act as symbols or pointers to potent memories. They offer a sense of timelessness, as the long-lived processes that wear them down to form evocative shapes, that are themselves, and in my mind, complete with a kind of eternal value. When such shapes become mentally internalized, they form a psychological relationship between life and art.

10. Flat Figure. Brushed Copper. 4.5 L x 3 W. 2022. �250